Intelligent Staff Allocation

Once your new event and staff needs are entered, your staff is automatically and fairly assigned based on preset intelligent criteria.

Event Management

Maintain your client and event related information in the centralized database available through the internet.

Accurate Time Reporting

Using StaffSmart, your assigned staff will use their unique assignment email/QR Code to scan in and out of work, giving your company real-time tracking as well as accurate payments based on actual time worked.

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Allocate staff using Intelligent logic

Automatic notifications sent to staff assigned to an event • Ability for staff to proactively manage their own calendars based on availability • Ability for staff to manage their personal profiles • Confirmation/Cancellation/Replacement system • Manage Event Details • Manage last moment staffing issues • Mobile App technology for On-site staff management and labor tracking

Cost Savings

save on many aspects of your staff expenditures

System requires only 1 adminstrator or can be self managed by Event Planners • Booking staff can be re-utilized in other departments • Intelligent logic automatically checks staff who has available hours to work the event • Reduction of Overtime hours  • Elimination of Spread of hours • No favoritism or abuse of power • Staff is ONLY paid for the time they ACTUALLY worked without Gratuity of Hours™


Useful information at your fingertips

Overtime hours by staff member • Event staff list (with hours reported after event) • Staff not checked in/out of assigned event • Number of declined assignments per staff member • Last time worked per staff member (to display staff that have not worked for a while, reducing insurance costs and identifying “inactive” staff) • Staff cancellations
Staff Ratings

Staff Checkin/out

Unique QR code process which requires each staff to check-in/check-out at each event. Exact times are registered in the system. Staff is ONLY paid for the time they ACTUALLY worked without Gratuity of Hours™

Availability Calendar

Staff can easily manage their calendars in advance allowing the StaffSmart system to allocate based on availability.

Intelligent Allocation

The StaffSmart solution uses intelligent preset logic to allocate the staffing needs for each event without favoritism, considering for spread of hours and labor laws related to overtime.

Event Management

Manage all the details of your clients and events from the web-based system.

Make the Smart choice when choosing your staffing software